New Construction

New Construction

Comfort Home Remodeling Design

Bottom Up Building

Working with Comfort Home Remodeling Design for your new home means that we’ll be with you throughout the whole process. You won’t have to look elsewhere for any portions of the construction as we handle it all in-house. This concept is beneficial because there are no communication mix-ups or other issues that can happen when you have several companies involved in new construction in Chicago.


Another benefit that comes from choosing Comfort Home Remodeling Design is that you can rest easy with our expertise in green building that is demonstrated by our certification. We’ve been certified by the US Department of Energy for Zero Energy Ready Home. This certification means that we are able to create a home that generates the same amount of energy or more as it will use from the energy grid.

HERS Scores

Our projects are completed with the expectation of excellent HERS scores. HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System, and this score is a breakdown of how we were able to not only label a home as energy efficient but show the energy efficiency. A HERS score is a standardized score based on several factors, such as insulation. Scores after 2004 are where the count should be as low as possible, and we’ve been able to provide our homeowners with very low scores. In some cases, we’ve been able to achieve zero or negative scores for our clients based on their particular needs and design.


When it comes to new construction in Chicago, you want to find a company that is awarded for their innovation and consistently places. In 2017, we won the National Housing Innovation Awards where we were one of nine companies in the United States which we’ve done four times. In 2015, we were recognized as the Grand Prize Winner, and this win in addition to our regular high placement in this award is the crown jewel of our accomplishments.

Past Clients

When you’re looking for a builder to handle your new construction in Chicago, reviews and feedback from past clients should be part of your research. We’re very pleased with our online reviews and results of surveys we’ve given our customers about their satisfaction. In fact, we’ve scored a five-star rating from past clients on their satisfaction. Be sure to check out what others have to say about our green construction business.

Our Team

Comfort Home Remodeling Design is a family business first and foremost. Started by Florin Nistor and Michael Penzek with the intention of building the best custom homes that are functional and beautiful is our passion. We’ve built our team around this concept in hiring only the best and the brightest to help us accomplish our mission.

Are you considering who to hire for your new construction in Chicago? There are many reasons why Comfort Home Remodeling Design should be your first choice, but let our consultants help you to visualize the process for you. Contact us to learn more about our company, and how we can best fit your needs. We look forward to helping you in building the green home of your dreams.    

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